Hotel Arborétum
9600 Sárvár,
Medgyessy F. u. 20.

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Fax: +36-95-520-650
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  • 4 days / 3 nights  in Hotel Arboretum
  • breakfast
  • fruit in the room on the arrivel day
  • 1 bottle of cold champagne in your room (one bottle per pair)
  • 1 entrance ticket into the Wellness Center
  • 1 aroma massage
  • 1 entrance into the museum of Nádasdy-castle
  • WiFi
1st SEPT 2018. - 10th JUNI 2019.
(EUR / room / night)


4 days/ 3 nights

2-bed room EUR 115/pers

11nd JUNI 2019. - 31st AUGUST 2019.
(EUR / room / night)

  4 days/3 nights
2-bed room EUR 124/pers

What does it mean...?

Aroma Massage

It has a beneficial result on the blood circulation and the muscular system first of all. It is recommended with refreshing purpose, in order to replace physical exercises, and to mitigate and treat illnesses and pain of kinetic organs (back, neck, spine, waist problems). It is carried out by applying revitalising aroma oils.

Dear Visitor! We inform you that we have special prices on the extra dates, like National Celeb.Days, Easter, Valentine Day, Whitsuntide, New Year's Party!

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Request, Booking...
9600 Sárvár, Medgyessy F. u. 20.
Tel.: +36-95-520-630, Fax: +36-95-520-650
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